Spring - Harshness vanished, a sudden softness. Some songs whilst enjoying sunlight reflecting in the dish water.


1: Pink and Yellow Haze, Peter Grudzien
2: Crazy You, Prince
3: Here I Am (Take Me), The Sweet Inspirations
4: Daydream, Rita Moss
5: Seven Blood-Stained Orchids (Main Titles), Ozarks
6: Kanashimi no Belladonna (EP 1973), Mayumi Tachibana
7: Prelude and Fugue in E Flat Minor No. 8, BWV 853, JS Bach
8: World That's Not Real, Gloria Taylor
9: The Love I Lost, Harold Melvin
10: Pow Wow, Manny Corchado
11: Baby Let Me Kiss You, Fern Kinney
12: One More Kiss, Dear, Vangelis
13: The Swan, Clara Rockmore
14: Strange Birds, Coil

Mix by Janina Pedan