PRIMAVERA PLAYLISTS- 2nd Ed.- Milan, Italy

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It's Wednesday in

As our friends in Milan near the end of their fourth week in quarantine, the overwhelming theme of this week's edition is Nostalgia. Have we had enough of the Future?

For a series which will be published here weekly, I've asked some friends in locked-down cities around the world to share their playlists so that you too might find respite in music, wherever you are.

This week, with playlists from Valentina Cameranesi, Federica Elmo, Enrico Pompili, and Guido Taroni, the 2nd Edition of Primavera Playlists is from Milan.

SEI SEMPRE IN VAGGIO CON LA MENTE (You Are Always Traveling With the Mind)
by Federica Elmo, designer
Moody Lady in 1980s Milano is locked away in her apartment in Springtime, watching the world from her window while daydreaming of forbidden voyages, and the ultimate freedom of the Summer to come. (This mix is embedded with SoundCloud.)


Guido Taroni, photographer
Guido's edit of the 70s and 80s Italian camp classics played at the famed Milan nightclub PLASTIC, and especially in the area 'House of Bordello', commanded by the iconic Mistress of Ceremonies, La Stryxia. (This mix is embedded with SoundCloud.)


Non amo che le rose che non colsi

NON AMO CHE LE ROSE CHE NON COLSI  (I Only Love the Roses I Didn't Pick)
by Valentina Cameranesi, creative director and set designer 
Music to wear make up and brush your hair to, even if you have nowhere to go.
(This playlist opens in Spotify.)


by Enrico Pompili, creative director and set designer
A dreamlike morning in a quiet city; a calm and balanced awakening, "mixing Memory and Desire".
(This mix is embedded with SoundCloud.)




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