Primavera Playlists

PRIMAVERA PLAYLISTS is a music-sharing project through the global lockdowns of Spring 2020. We believe that music can help us survive, and that sharing with one another beyond our physical quarantine walls will free us.

PRIMAVERA PLAYLISTS will be updated every Wednesday, with submissions by our friends in locked-down cities around the world.

1ST EDITION- ROME, posted Wednesday, 25 March
Featuring playlists by Joanne Burke, Cicely Travers, Emiliano Maggi, Tim Moore, and F Taylor Colantonio.
2ND EDITION- Milan, coming Wednesday, 1 April
3RD EDITION- New York, coming Wednesday, 8 April
4TH EDITION- London, coming Wednesday, 15 April
5TH EDITION- Paris, coming Wednesday, 22 April

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