How many worlds in a drop of water glimpsed through a gate...
How do you crown the tallest structure when birds rule the watery maze? 
Those birds could punch a hole in your head and the seas would light their glide,
The time before the sun comes up I think the moon will be a fish again.


1: Riddle, Art Bears
2: Music from Blanche (1971) Original Soundtrack, Vasilije Vujčić
3: Une Infinie Tendresse, Catherine Ribeiro
4: All the Pretty Horses, Odetta
5: Sad Song for Winter, Chimera
6: Shawm- Saltarello, David Munrow
7: Slave, Art Bears
8: The Cuckoo, Pentangle
9: Slow Moons Rose, Slapp Happy
10: Willow's Song, Magnet
11: Sino Me Moro, Gabriella Ferri

Mix by Joanne Burke